Researcher on MUSC campus

As South Carolina's only comprehensive medical center, our vision is to lead health innovation for the lives we touch. We will shape the next generation of caregivers. We will push research beyond limits. And we will pioneer the health care model of tomorrow. Because together, we can change what is possible in health care.


“One does not
discover new
lands without
consenting to
lose sight of
the shore.”

— Andre Gide

Two researchers in laboratory
Researcher examining findings

In the lab, our work is never finished. As one of the nation’s leading research institutions, we constantly push the limits of what is known and unknown. Every day, we recruit top minds from around the world. Because our next breakthrough could change everything. It could give us the ability to do something no one thought possible five years ago – from discovering root causes of chronic conditions to advancing research in genomics that could let us personalize cancer treatments for every patient.

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Researching complex rare diseases. Pioneering regenerative stem cell research. Hitting the Stono River for a fishing session with his son. It’s all in a day’s work for MUSC’s Smartstate Chair in Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Stephen Duncan – though he will insist that you call him Steve.


Nursing student in classroom

At MUSC, it isn’t enough to provide care. We’re developing students, residents, and fellows into the next generation of caregivers. We’re sharing our latest findings with health care professionals across the state. We’re seeking and welcoming students from all walks of life through our pipeline programs, with a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion. As a result, we’ve created an innovative learning environment with more than 3,000 students across both graduate and professional programs. And we’re training each and every one of them to lead the way in health care.

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Every week, Frederica Hughes works at the local VA hospital, pursues her doctorate and cares for the people of her hometown of Red Top, S.C. See how one proud MUSC alumna helps everyone around her while still finding time to train the future of health care providers.

“To serve, you
only need a heart
full of grace. A
soul generated
by love.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

MUSC nurse at work in nursing home


“Alone we can
do so little;
together we
can do so much.”

— Helen Keller

MUSC employess collaborating
Pediatric patient in therapy

The best minds in health care all have one thing in common: they’re built to serve. And it’s not something they do alone. Every single doctor, nurse, health care professional, and team member at MUSC is backed by hundreds of specialists, sub-specialists, and super-specialists. The same brilliant minds who collaborate with health care providers throughout the state. And they’ve all come to MUSC for one reason: to put patients and their families first.

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“‘Hope’ is the thing
with feathers that
perches in the soul
and sings the tunes
without the words
and never stops
at all.”

— Emily Dickinson

Speaker addresses crowd at MUSC
Charlestonians riding bikes

At MUSC, we don’t just live in our communities, we serve them. And we do everything we can to promote a healthy, diverse community both inside our walls and out. Through our telemedicine program, we bring specialized care to schools and rural areas throughout South Carolina, giving our residents unprecedented access to medicine. Each year, our students devote 17,000 volunteer hours to our community service partnerships. From studying disease prevention to hosting seminars at local schools and businesses, we’re promoting healthy lifestyles for the Palmetto state and beyond.

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Changing What’s Possible

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Doctor attending to patient
Collage of MUSC doctors, nurses and researchers at work